Hire Me

I am currently available for freelance work.


I am a freelance Principal Developer with special focus the Microsoft .NET Core/Azure. In the Microsoft area I know my stuff – I was picked to write a book called Entity Framework Core in Action by Manning Publications.

I have designed and build many web applications, all with me as the lead developer, and I have performance tuned other applications. A lot of my time is spent programming because I believe a design/architecture is only proved to be good when its been implemented.

I am based in the UK but work remotely throughout the world.

Recent freelance projects

  • Worked for a multinational company on one of there security systems. I designed and build an application using Entity Framework Core to link to different systems at the database-level.
  • Worked for a USA multinational on performance tuning on a product that used Entity Framework 6.
  • Worked for a USA company that provided services to retail outlets. Designed and built a a new cloud-based application using ASP.NET Core/Entity Framework Core system with multi-tenant and sharded databases.
  • I worked for a company’s job site. This was a ground-up rewrite of their existing job board using ASP.NET MVC5 and Entity Framework 6.2. where I was the lead developer. I designed the overall architecture and wrote a lot of the code.

Prior to these freelance projects I designed a e-commerce site hosted on Microsoft Azure using MVC5 and Entity Framework 6. I also did most of the front-end work too.

My return to software development was to help my wife who is a lecturer in maths at Southampton University in the UK, she specialises in geographic healthcare modelling.  I developed windows and ASP.NET MVC applications for analysing and modelling data, some of them using advanced T-SQL database techniques to solve complex mathematical problems. We undertook a large modelling project around HIV/AIDS project in South Africa.

Open-source work

Please see my GitHub account where there are many open-source libraries and example applications.